Cora Dean

Ursula Le Guin

Jorge Luis Borges

Hugh Raffles

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Institutions, infrastructures, information, ecosystems

The scope of analysis

Mechanical Turk, Turkopticon, designing/intervening ecologically; where is the systems thinking in systems design?

Robert Ulanowicz, reflexive threads in complex ecology; the politics of complex ecologists

Information systems and sustainability

"Ecologies" and HCI

Ecology as Buddhism

Rubric for sustainable HCI

On visions

Crazy white men


Toward responsible interdisciplinarity

No autonomous social power of logic: engineering culture and the interpretive social sciences

H = X + Ψ: notes on interpretive mathematical modelling

Two views on social complexity: back down or double down?

How does social change happen? Inside and outside, violence and nonviolence, exogenous forcings and endogenous transitions; value judgments and internal agonisms